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Why Curedit?

Because you are unique…

…and in the same way no one is exactly like you, no one's health is exactly like yours. However, learning about one's health can be difficult. Sure, you may search online, join forums and read health magazines to get fairly good knowledge of what is bothering you. Perhaps a family member or friend can relate to your health as well. You may even see professionals and receive recommendations for treatments, which may be beneficial. However, in the end, your health and the health choices you make are often based on limited information from a limited group of sources.

Sometimes you need more. You may want a new physician, connect to people with the same health concerns you have or you may want to stay informed on the latest news regarding your health. This is Curedit!

Based on your interests, healthtags and connections, we streamline recommendation, feeds and updates to your profile. Hopefully keeping you up to date on your health.

Also, you can reach out to others on Curedit easily, by posting questions, adding a group or discussion or message a professional directly.

Welcome to Curedit!
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